The Mats Files (i.e., everything else)


Picture of Nate Williams and Buck Hill! (October 1994)

Picture of a bunch of people from the Skyway at the Westerberg concert in Boston (July 1996)

Picture of Mutsuko Nagai and Paul (July 1996)

Picture of Matt Tomich and Paul (July 1996)

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Tommy Stinson's 1980-81 Anwatin Middle School yearbook photo

A postcard received by Skyway-member Richard Daniel from Paul Westerberg in regards to quieries about lyrics from "Answering Machine" and "I'll Be You" 

Twin/Tone's page of shots of The 'Mats at the 7th St. Entry in the fall of 1980.

Twin/Tone's page of shots of the Sorry Ma... photo shoot at the Walker Art Center in the summer of 1981.

An early shot of Paul and Tommy  

1984 shot from Shit Hits the Fans insert  

1984 USA Today shot 

A shot of a festive heyday circa 1984-5 

A group beer break from 1984-5 

Band practice in 1985

Reportedly the moment Bob Stinson was called to be told that he was going to be kicked out of the band, to which he replied "I quit!" (from 2100 Dupont Ave. S. Apt B / Minneapolis MN) 1986. (Ray Reigstad)

Bob's wedding, Spring 1986.  (left to right:  the bride's father, John Reipas, Ray Reigstad, Bob and Carleen Stinson.  Photo by Michael Josephson.)

Picture from the Tim tour signed by Tommy and Paul in '88 (Kyle Burk)

4 Feb 1986 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ (Jeff Cuyubamba)

1989 shot  

1989 promo shot  

A cartoon from a Minneapolis weeklie about The 'Mats, circa 1993 

Solarized shot of Westerberg live 

1996 London Times shot of Westerberg 

1996 Westerberg shot 

Westerberg singing an autograph in Cincinatti, July 1996 

A movie marquee made by Jay Russell for a TV commercial in Dallas 

Pictures of Perfect on July 16th, 1997 from New York Trash!

Paul Westerberg with his son's new Louisville Slugger bat from the Hillerich & Bradsby museum, taken by Tim Schroering before show in Louisville, KY (2005)

Our heroes (Spring 2006)