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The Replacements Discography V3.0
Promotional Releases

Pleased To Meet Paul Westerberg (LP)
(1987, Warner Brothers WBMS-148, Time = ??)

Interview with Paul mixed with "Pleased To Meet Me" songs

Inconcerated Live (LP, CD)
(1989, Sire/Reprise PRO-3633, Time = 20:58)
Recorded at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 6/89)

Talent Show / Answering Machine / Anywhere's Better Than Here / Another Girl, Another Planet / Here Comes A Regular / Achin' To Be (LP Version)

Don't Sell or Buy It's Crap
Don't Sell or Buy, It's Crap (LP, CD)
(1991, Sire/Reprise PRO-4632, Time = 15:41

When It Began (Album Version) / Kissin' In Action / Ought To Get Love / Satellite / Like A Rolling Pin