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The Replacements Discography V3.0

I'm in Trouble
I'm In Trouble b/w If Only You Were Lonely 7"
1981 Twin/Tone TTR-8120

I Will Dare
I Will Dare b/w Twentieth Century Boy & Hey Good Lookin' (live) 12"
1984 Twin/Tone TTR-8440

Kiss Me on the Bus
Kiss Me On The Bus b/w Little Mascara 7"
U.K. W8679 928 679-7

Kiss Me On The Bus b/w Kiss Me On The Bus 12"
Sire PRO-2412 (white promo cover)

Left Of The Dial b/w Swingin' Party 7"
U.K. W8727 928 727-7 (white promo sleeve)

Alex Chilton b/w Alex Chilton 12"
Sire PRO-2761 (w/ cover picture of Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton b/w Election Day 7"
U.K. SAM 369

The Ledge b/w The Ledge 12"
Sire PRO-2727 (white promo cover)

Replacements EP
The Replacements E.P. 7"
U.K. Warner Brothers W8297 928 279-7
Alex Chilton / Nightclub Jitters / Election Day / Route 66

The Ledge double 12"
German #920 707-0 (w/ red altered Pleased To Meet Me cover
The Ledge / Route 66 / Election Day / Alex Chilton / Tossin' n' Turnin' / Jungle Rock

Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait (remix) b/w Cool Water 7"
Sire 7-28151

Can't Hardly Wait b/w Can't Hardly Wait (remix) 12"
Sire PRO-A-2863 (white promo cover w/ sticker)

Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait b/w Can't Hardly Wait 7"

I'll Be You
I'll Be You b/w Date To Church 7"
Sire 22992-7 (w/ picture sleeve)

I'll Be You b/w I'll Be You 12"
Sire/Reprise PRO-3419 (cover of ??)

Achin' To Be b/w Achin' To Be 12"
Sire/Reprise PRO-3606 (white promo cover)

Achin' to Be
Achin' To Be b/w Another Girl, Another Planet (live) 7"
Australian 7-22815 MX304204

When It Began CD

Happy Town
Happy Town (edit) b/w Happy Town (album version) CD
1990 Sire/Reprise PRO-CD-4574